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About the Programme

The Doctoral Program on Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells (TERM&SC) was formally created by the 3Bs Research Group of the University of Minho in 2009 and was accredited by A3ES one year later.

The objective of this doctoral program is to promote the excellence in the formation of professionals by integrating multidisciplinary concepts including advanced biomaterials, nano/micro-technologies in regenerative medicine, isolation/expansion of stem cells, processing, modification and evaluation of hybrid systems for tissue engineering, response of cells and tissues to materials, in vivo screening, pre- and clinical tests and exploitation of tissue engineering products and cellular therapies. These "hybrid" researchers will be able to deal with all the future challenges in the scope of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine at the end of their training, by understanding biological, chemical, physical and materials science phenomena.

One of the main difficulties related with training/performing research in the different fields focused on this Program is the clearly multidisciplinary approach of the all the resources required, namely the facilities, equipment and most importantly all the expertise and know-how. To be competitive in the international arena in the tissue engineering/Regenerative and regeneration field, it is essential to combine the expertise of materials scientists, polymer chemists, engineers, chemists, biologists, biochemists, clinicians, and others. 3Bs possesses a large, experienced, knowledgeable, multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural research team. It includes approximately 120 researchers from different backgrounds which allow a valuable exchange of knowledge within the group. Moreover, the different approaches and methodologies usually employed by researchers with different backgrounds and views (e.g. engineering and fundamental science) allow a sustained progression of the research with an enhanced experimental design and a critical evaluation of the results. The 3Bs team also comprises researchers from different countries proving a good atmosphere for the integration of new researcher students from all over the world. 

Institution granting the academic degree: University of Minho
Programme Director: Rui L. Reis
Coordinator Institution: ICVS/3B’s Associate Laboratory
Participating institution: European Institute of Excellence on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, EXPERTISSUES European Especial Interest Group (EEIG)