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Specific objectives

1. Complement the training of MsC and BsC (5 years) courses in the areas of Science, Engineering and Medicine giving advanced training in emerging areas of the TERM & SC, namely, innovation and development of materials / products, technologies and processes for new therapeutic applications.

2.Develop comprehension skills in a systematic branch of knowledge or expertise in the areas of TERM&SC.

3.Develop skills of research methodology and experimentation independently (either individually or integrated in a research team), for research and development (R & D) which contribute to the enlargement of the frontiers of knowledge.

4.Induce the generation of original research work that has contributed to extending the frontiers of knowledge and deserving disclosure in international refereed journals and international conferences.

5.Advancing research and technological development around the field of TERM&SC, promoting the formation of highly qualified human resources in this area.