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International Collaborations

The 3Bs have been built based on an interdisciplinary research approach where collaboration and cooperation (networking) are hallmarks of its culture. Collaborative long-term strategic partnerships have been developed with top universities/institutes in Europe, Asia, and North America that have been providing opportunities for student and postdoctoral exchange programs and joint research projects. Some examples include the Twente Univ. The Netherlands; Queensland University of Technology, Australia; Rice Univ., USA; Univ. of Toronto, Canada; Kyoto and Chubu Univ., Japan; Northwestern Univ., USA; AIST, Japan; Univ. of Basel, Switzerland; Tokyo Women's Medical Univ., Japan; Tufts Univ., USA; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US; Wake Forest Univ., USA; and Chonbuk National Univ., Korea. 

The ICVS-3B´s has also established several collaborations with local Hospitals and clinics. Collaboration with companies also induce strong benefits to the targeted and applied-research profile of the graduating students of the Program. One example is Stemmatters, is a young (2007) biotech company (SME) focused on the development and marketing of novel products and services for tissue repair and regeneration. The company is located in the same building as 3Bs and thus it works in close interaction and collaboration with it. Stemmatters facilities include a GMP compliant of nearly 300 m2 for the processing and storage of human mesenchymal stem cells, research and laboratories for biomaterials development and testing, as well as laboratories for advanced cellular and molecular biology studies.  

The 3Bs has also developed through the years, very important collaborative partnerships with Industrial partners worldwide, such as Novamont S.p.A., Italy; US Biomaterials Corp., US; Depuy, Johnson and Johnson, US; Medtronic, Ireland; Fidia Advanced Biopolymers s.r.l., Italy;